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Economists Ask Cities to Stand up to Amazon

More than 600 individuals including influential economists, urbanists and writers have urged cities to stand up to Amazon by cutting down offered tax breaks and other incentives in a bid to land Amazon’s second headquarter.

The petition, started on January 30 as it urged leaders to stand against tax giveaways and direct monetary incentives for the headquarters.

This latest petition comes as Amazon revealed a shortlist of 20 cities for its second headquarter earlier last month. In an attempt to land the second headquarter, New Jersey has offered $7 billion in incentives.

The petition noted that the local governments’ tax giveaways and business location incentives are often counter-productive as companies often decide on intended location long before official announcement.

The petition notes, “They divert funds that could be put to better use underwriting public services such as schools, housing programs, job training, and transportation, which are more effective ways to spur economic development.”

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