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Apple Brings Several Live News Channels to TV App

Earlier this week, Apple’s TV app got major upgrade as it introduced several new features to the application. Although the company teased a detailed a News section on the app, it wasn’t available to the users up until now. Thanks to the latest update, the Apple TV app now offers quick access to a variety of networks including CBS News, CNN, Fox News, Cheddar, CNBC and Bloomberg.

In addition to the new section, the app now contains Siri functionality which allows users to access live streaming services using voice commands. In case you are interested, if you tap on one of the icons, your device will redirect you to the application for the network. In case the app hasn’t been installed, you will be asked to install the application to your device from App Store. Afterwards, you device will use your sign-on information to log you in to the app.

This latest edition comes as Apple continues to add new section to the application. Earlier last November, Apple added a sports section which redirects uses to live sporting events.

Image: Flickr/tenz1225

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