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Android P Might Not Allow Inactive Apps to Access Phone’s Camera

Although we are still months away from getting our first glimpse into Android P, rumors started surfacing on a regular basis to reveal hints of what to expect with the next release. If the latest rumors are anything to go by, then the next version of Android might offer improve security features by disabling access to devices’ cameras for idle apps.

Although Android remains to be the most popular operating system for smartphone manufacturers, its security issues are well known as reports regarding malicious apps are pretty common. In order to prevent malicious apps to stop using smartphone’s camera, Google might stop apps from using the feature when users aren’t using the apps.

The latest news comes as the recent Android Open Source Project contains new rules to prevent these occurrences. If Google brings this feature, then Android P will accomplish this by enforcing apps’ user IDs. If an app is idle, it will generate an error and prevent access to the camera.

As with all the rumors, we will have to wait to find out if Google introduces the security feature to Android P. At the moment, Google hasn’t confirmed if it will bring the feature anytime soon.

Image: Flickr/Scott Akerman

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