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All Upcoming iPhones of 2018 Might Feature Intel Modems

If you have followed news related to Qualcomm and Apple last year, then you might well remember Apple’s lawsuit regarding the Qualcomm modem. As both of the companies were still stuck in the ongoing lawsuit regarding the matter, Apple at the time decided to go with Intel’s modem which showed some discrepancies in data speeds. However, if the latest reports are accurate, then the company might ditch Qualcomm’s modem completely as Apple looks to use Intel’s modems in all of the upcoming iPhone 2018 models.

The latest report comes thanks to a research note from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors  ) who said that Apple is trying to move away from Qualcomm. While Intel’s modems from last year provided different speed, the latest XMM 7560 modem supports both CDMA and GSM systems which makes the modem suitable for usage across all regions.

However, over the years, Apple has avoided relying on one company for its components which means that it might go on and continue the deal with both companies to use their modems.

Whatever happens, it is too early to predict anything as we are still quite a long time away from getting our first glimpse into the upcoming iPhones.

Image: Flickr/Aaron Yoo

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