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Twitter Uses AI to Crop Photos

Although images are key components of web contents, Twitter for a long time had an odd cropping style of images. For instance, users would often see that the images are cropped in an unusual manner which makes it difficult to understand what’s going on in the picture. However, the microblogging platform has now decided to fix the issue as the social network has now started using AI to crop images.

In a recent announcement, Twitter wrote, “In general, people tend to pay more attention to faces, text, animals, but also other objects and regions of high contrast. This data can be used to train neural networks and other algorithms to predict what people might want to look at. The basic idea is to use these predictions to center a crop around the most interesting region.”

As the company has noted, the AI will focus on an aspect of an image that most users will find interesting. However, the changes will be coming to users in different region on a rolling basis and should be available to everyone in the next couple of days.

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