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Stana Katic Talks about Castle’s Abrupt End

Although Castle was one of the most popular series during much of its run, during the course of last season, we witnessed the fall of the highly popular drama. With her new thriller Absentia coming out soon to US audiences, Stana Katic recently talked about the upcoming show as well as the controversial circumstances that led to Castle’s eventual cancellation.

During her latest interview with EW, Katic said, “I’m actually still not clear on the thought process behind the way that it went down. It hurt and it was a harsh ending.”

If you have followed the news, then you might remember that during the second half of the season, the show announced that two of the show’s series regulars, Stana Katic and Tamala Jones won’t be returning for the night season as ABC planned to revamp the show. However, that never came to fruition as the show was eventually cancelled.

However, it seems that Katic is still glad with the show as she continued, “I met so many beautiful people on that project, and we collaborated on something really unique in that it’s not every day that you get a show, or a series, that has eight seasons and that it was a hit for the network. It would be a disservice to those people, to the work that we did together, and to my work, which I feel contributed, in part, to the success of the show, to be anything but grateful because, at the end of the day, that was a fantastic platform. It was a formative experience, and we told a love story that I feel moved people, touched people, and I can’t be anything but glad that I was a part of something like that. I hope it remains something special in viewers’ minds forever.”

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