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Samsung to Sell Exynos Processors to Other Smartphone Manufactures

Although Qualcomm’s Snapdragon remains to be the most popular choice for processors among smartphone manufacturers, Samsung uses its Exynos processors for other mid-range to upper mid-range devices. However, the company is set to use the latest Exynos processor to power its upcoming Galaxy S9 for selected market. And now, a new report has claimed that the company is open to sell its processors to other smartphone manufacturers as it works on extending its reach on the market.

If the latest report from Digitimes is accurate, it will mark an important shift for Samsung. While the processor is yet to become massively popular, China-based manufacturer Meizu has released several devices powered by the chipset. As Samsung wants to extend its reach in mid-range market, the company is planning on selling the processor to others.

At the moment, apart from Snapdragon, MediaTek’s processors are pretty widely used by manufactures to produce mid-range smartphones in the region.

However, Samsung hasn’t commented on the latest rumor and it’s likely that we will learn more about the rumor in the coming days.

Image: Flickr/Honou

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