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Researchers Might Have Discovered the Origins of Cosmic Messenger Particles

For a while now, one of the biggest mysteries in the field of particle physics has been the origin of the cosmic messenger particles which are some of the highest energy particles in the known universe. Although these particles share some common qualities, they are distinctive and researchers are trying to determine the origin of these particles for a long time. Interestingly, a new research has suggested that these mysterious particles might have been created by supermassive black holes ejecting vast, powerful jets consisting of high energy cosmic rays out into space.

In case you didn’t know, cosmic rays are subatomic particles which travel through space with near speed of light and contain energies higher than those from world’s most powerful particle accelerators. In order to find out the origin of the particles, a group of researchers from Pennsylvania State University and University of Maryland developed a computer model to find solutions to some of the longstanding inconsistencies in physics.

In addition to giving answers to some burning questions, the paper, published in the journal Nature Physics, gives insights into the particles in question.

Kohta Murase from Pennsylvania State University said, “The golden era of multi-messenger particle astrophysics started very recently. Now, all information we can learn from all different types of cosmic messengers is important for revealing new knowledge about the physics of extreme-energy cosmic particles, and a deeper understanding about our universe.”

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