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Patch to Address Meltdown Issue Is Causing Reboots

Last couple of weeks have been pretty significant as it was revealed that most of the Intel processors which were produced over last couple of years have contained two security vulnerabilities named Spectre and Meltdown. Shortly afterwards, Intel released patches to address the issue. If you are yet to receive the update, then you might want to wait little bit longer as Intel has revealed that the firmware update is causing a higher number of system reboots.

In the latest statement, Intel said, “While the firmware updates are effective at mitigating exposure to the security issues, customers have reported more frequent reboots on firmware updated systems. We have reproduced these issues internally and are making progress toward identifying the root cause. In parallel, we will be providing beta microcode to vendors for validation by next week.”

While Intel is working to fix both of the issues, recent benchmarks have revealed that updates are causing performance slowdown. Apart from that, you might not be receiving the updates immediately as Intel is releasing the patches to the OS vendors and PC manufacturers.

You should also note that the latest security vulnerabilities aren’t Intel specifics issues as other processor manufacturers’ chips are also affected by the issues. Both Qualcomm and AMD have revealed that they are working with vendors to address the vulnerabilities.

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