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Opel to Export Cars to Tunisia and Morocco Soon

Opel has revealed that the company is currently planning on exporting cars to Morocco and Tunisia from its European plans.

This latest news came during CEO Michael Lohscheller’s recent interview with German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. During the interview, he discussed future plans of the company as he noted that both of the countries provide good business opportunities for the company. Moreover, he revealed that he wasn’t concerned about the potential backlash of the company’s decision given that PSA already sells several cars in the countries.

He said, “There are buyers who consciously choose a French brand and there are those who consciously pick a German brand.”

In case you didn’t know, PSA bought Opel from General Motors earlier last year for $2.73 billion and has given the company until end of 2020 to return profit as a part of recovery plan.

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