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Nintendo Isn’t Interested In Pursuing Virtual Reality at the Moment

Most of the major tech companies are working to bring more virtual reality compatible devices to consumers. For instance, Sony has introduced PlayStation VR which has been a massive hit among consumers. However, at the moment, Nintendo has revealed that the company isn’t ready to join the latest trend as the company said the technology isn’t viable in a mainstream way at the moment.

The latest revelation comes via Les Numeriques where tendo France Philippe Lavoué said that consumers would prefer something which is a complete package. As the company doesn’t see VR as total package at the moment, it is not interested in adopting the technology just yet.

In addition to the VR, Lavoué also revealed that Nintendo won’t invest in 4K just yet as the company doesn’t see 4K as widely adopted at the moment. When both of these technologies become commonplace, it’s likely that gamers will see Nintendo’s take on both.

This latest claim is similar to another report back from 2016 where Nintendo of America’s President Reggie Fils-Aime revealed that the VR isn’t ready for mainstream just yet. Until the VR becomes a mainstream feature, Nintendo isn’t particularly interested in bringing products based on the technology.

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