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Matt Nix Talks about The Gifted Season 2

If you have watched first season finale of The Gifted, then you are already hyped up for the next season as it will surely bring some changes in the show. For now, the headquarters of Mutant Underground are gone. As for Lorna, she used her powers to take down Dr. Campbell and Senator Montez before reuniting with other mutants. Recently, Matt Nix spoken about the upcoming changes to the show during an interview with TVLine to reveal that the show will take off from where it ended during the season finale.

Talking about the aftermath of Lorna’s decision to take down the plane, he said, “Yeah, that’s a really big deal because our characters live in a world where this kind of thing doesn’t happen every day. Mutants killing a United States senator is a huge deal, and killing the lead scientist at Trask Industries brings its own host of problems. Going into next season they’ve created a whole new situation with regards to public opinion and politics, and they’re going to have to find a new way of living in this world.”

As for mutants, although the characters were reunited at the end of the season finale, we won’t see them immediately united with everyone. Nix revealed how the dynamics of the characters will change by saying, “One thing we’re going to see a lot more of is ‘mutants in the world.’ The mutant underground doesn’t have giant, empty banks in supposedly contaminated waste sites just lying around to occupy and become their new headquarters. We wanted to put them in a position where they need to kind of ‘hide in plain sight’ a bit more, so one thing we’ll get to see is playing the mutant underground more as a network and less as a place. And that’s for a number of reasons. Part of it is it’s just changing things up in terms of the action, but part of it is also I think it’s interesting, and fun, and thematically more resonant when we get to see mutants interacting with the world we know rather than just interacting with a mutant world… And then on the other side, seeing the Hellfire Club — or this sort of seed of the Hellfire Club that they’re trying to rebuild — is another way of very much hiding in plain sight in a different corner of the world, working in the halls of power and that kind of thing. We’re going to be following both sides as they pursue their mutual goal of helping mutants. But there will always be reasons to push them back together. Like, the Strucker family is not simply going to give up on Andy, and Eclipse is not going to give up on Polaris, and Thunderbird is not going to give up on Sage.”

As we got from the interview, as mutants will no longer have a convenient base, they will be required to hide in plain sight. While for some characters it can be pretty simple, it might not be that easy for other characters as they will be required to conceal their powers carefully. The show has been already renewed for second season and we will have to wait to find out how the characters deal with the aftermath of the season finale.

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