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LG Introduces New ThinQ Smart Home Appliances

Over last couple of months, it has started to become increasingly clear that we will become increasingly reliant on artificial intelligence over the coming years as companies are regularly introducing products which rely on the technology to give you better sense of control. If you are interested in the smart home related technology, you will be excited to know that LG has announced several home appliances which will rely on the company’s ThinQ smart speakers for remote control.

Earlier today, in addition to the ThinQ Smart Speaker powered by Google Assistant, LG introduced some new televisions which will be powered by the AI. In addition to these, the company also introduced a series of home appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers and an oven range.

In addition to controlling their home appliances, users will be able to use Smart Tags which will let them to add information such as expiration date to items in their fridge. Moreover, if you use the company’s smartphone app, then you will get to see what you will need to buy during your next visit to grocery store. However, at the moment, there is no information on pricing yet but expect these appliances to come at a high price tag.

Image: Flickr/Mike Mozart

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