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John Young, NASA’s Most Experienced Astronaut Dies at 87

One of the most experienced astronauts, John Young, has passed away due to complications from pneumonia. He is considered to NASA’s most experienced astronaut because of his lifelong dedications to the agency’s different programs.

Young began his journey at NASA in 1962 when he was chosen as one of the nine members of the space agency’s second astronaut class. Shortly afterwards, he made his first flight aboard in Gemini 3 in the March 1965 where he operated the first computer on a manned spacecraft. After enjoying tremendous success early in his career, he went on more space flights including Apollo 16 lunar exploration where he and his colleagues explored the lunar surface.

Throughout his career, Young logged impressive 835 hours of space flight and 15,275 hours of flying on jets, helicopters, rocket jets, and props. Afterwards, he was appointed as Astronaut Office’s chief in 1973 and served the office until 1987. In 1988, he was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame and retired in 2004.

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