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Jason Momoa Reveals Why He had a Hard Time to Get Jobs after Game of Thrones

Although Jason Momoa had several roles before his appearance in Game of Thrones, his portrayal of Khal Drogo got him widespread attention. Recently the actor revealed that while the character got him widespread attention, it also made getting new roles harder for him as a large number of people thought that he didn’t speak. English.

The actor’s recent comment came as he appeared in The Tonight Show. During the show, he told Jimmy Fallon, “Yeah, not a lot of people thought I spoke English. It was very challenging. It’s like, ‘What do you do with Drogo?’ You’re not gonna put him in a comedy, you’re not gonna put him in a romantic…you know what I mean? It’s pigeonholed.”

While it is surprising that the actor had hard time for the role, it’s quite understandable why people thought he didn’t speak English as most of his lines in Game of Thrones are in Dothraki. Given Dothraki is a fictional language, people in the industry thought that the actor didn’t speak English at all.

As the actor had prior appearances in other shows such as Stargate: Atlantis and Baywatch, if the producers did little bit research, they would approach the actor. Interestingly, Momoa first thought that his portrayal of a Dothraki warlord made it difficult for him to land a role as the producers might not think of him as a viable option for romantic or comedy movies. However, that wasn’t the case as he went on to say that Fred Armisen was first to point out that not everyone in the industry knew that Momoa spoke English.

He said, “Actually, the first person that made me, I guess I was bummed out a bit, was Fred, your buddy. Fred Armisen. I met him, and my stepdaughter Zoe did Portlandia. And he was so excited to meet me, he was amazing. And then he was like, ‘ I didn’t even know you spoke English.’ It was heartbreaking. I was like, ‘That’s why I’m not getting any jobs.”

Although it has been difficult for the actor to land roles in last couple of years due to the confusion, most of the audience at present knows him as Aquaman due to his recent role in Justice League. While the movie was panned by critics, Momoa’s character was praised by many. As a result, hopefully, people in Hollywood will now consider the actor for different roles.

Image: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

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