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iPhone 7 Plus Is the Second Most Popular Smartphone in China

Although Apple has been in the news over last couple of weeks due to its slowdown controversy, there is no denying that the company still has a massive following in different markets. While iPhone X has thus far exceeded the company’s sales expectation, a recent report has revealed that iPhone 7 Plus still remains to be the second most popular smartphone in China throughout last year.

The latest report comes from Counterpoint which revealed that iPhone 7 Plus currently has a 2.8 percent market share. On the other hand, iPhone 7 is Apple’s other device in the top ten with 2.4 percent market share.

Given the number of smartphone manufacturers in China, the sales figures for iPhone 7 might come as a surprise due to its price range. For instance, the China’s smartphone market is highly competitive due to the high number of domestic manufacturers who are releasing new smartphone every year. However, as the report points out iPhone 7 Plus’ sales were successful due to a number of reasons.

Although the iPhone 7 series were pretty expensive at the beginning of the year, as the year rolled on and we neared the release of iPhone 8, different iPhone models got major price cut which contributed towards the increased sales figures. For instance, at the end of the year, 128GB variant of iPhone 7 Plus was going for under $900 which represent a 16 percent discount. However, the research firm pointed out that the higher sales figures for iPhone 7 Plus suggests that the Chinese consumers might not be too concerned with the budget as the may value solid specifications more.

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