Home Business & Finance “Intelligent Scan” Might be Samsung’s Latest Feature to Rival Face ID

“Intelligent Scan” Might be Samsung’s Latest Feature to Rival Face ID

While we will have to wait to find out what new features Samsung is planning on introducing with upcoming Galaxy S9, a recent report has suggested that Galaxy S9 have a new security system designed to rival Apple’s Face ID.

The latest report comes via Android Police after a reader pointed out that Samsung’s Settings app now lists a tool call Intelligent Scan which will combine iris scanning and facial recognition software. According to the option, the Intelligent Scan will use the dedicated iris scanner and the front camera to provide results in challenging lighting conditions.

While at the moment there’s no confirmation, it’s likely that the feature will be coming to other flagship smartphones. For instance, SamMobile recently reported that a newly filed patent suggests the possibility of unlocking the device using blood flow batter. While the patent was filed quite a while ago, we never saw the company implementing the technology. As a result, it’s likely that Samsung will use Intelligent Scan option with the existing hardware.

As we get closer to the official announcement date of February 25, we are likely to learn more details about the upcoming flagship phone in next couple of weeks.

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