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Google Releases New App that Focuses on Local News

While it is easier than ever to stay connected with what’s happening around you, it might be pretty difficult for everyone to stay connected local news via internet. In order to solve this problem, Google has recently launched a new app called Bulletin which will focus on crowdsourced, hyperlocal news.

With Bulletin, anyone can contribute news about their community by posting videos, images and messages to the internet directly from their phone. Afterwards, other users can use Google to find what’s happening in their area and share the articles via social networks and other popular platforms.

However, at the moment, the app is in testing phase as it is available in just two cities. Talking about the latest app, product manager, James Morehead stated that Bulletin is a progressive lightweight content management system to give users in local community an option to report an interesting story about their community to other members. Google hasn’t confirmed if the company will release the application to other cities anytime soon.

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