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Google Files Go Update Brings Support for Tablets and SD Cards

Although Google’s Files Go manager was initially available for Android Go, later the search engine giant released the file manager application for any Android device. While the move surprised many, the company recently updated the application to add support for large screen devices along with some new features for the application.

When the company first launch the Files Go app, it certainly raised some eyebrows given that the company didn’t include file manager application in the earlier versions of Android. While there was a way to browse your smartphone’s files, it was inside the Settings app and the option didn’t act as a file manager.

However, Google initially marketed the Files Go app as a way to free up storage space on your device by deleting unnecessary files. But it seems like due to the increasing popularity, the company is adding features to the app as it goes forward. For instance, the latest update uses different features that use machine learning and AI to accomplish tasks that users would be required to complete otherwise.

As for major changes, the latest update has added support for Android tablets as well as SD cards. In addition to this, the Files Go now contains a new “Open with” option which will make it easier for users to handle files. With the option, users will be able to bypass the default settings for the particular file type.

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