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Facebook Introduces New Updates to Improve Privacy

Earlier this week, Facebook revealed how it plans on giving users better control of their privacy by adding a new option called ‘Privacy Center’. The recent addition has given users simple tools to manage privacy over the network. Now, the social network has started rolling out educational videos in its News Feed to teach users how to take control of their information.

The latest addition to the network comes as the company has until May 25 to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU. The GDPR stated, “[Facebook] will need to make users feel they trust its brand to protect their privacy and therefore make them feel happy to consent to the company processing their data (rather than asking it to delete it). So PR and carefully packaged info-messaging to users is going to be increasingly important for Facebook’s business, going forward.”

These latest changes come as earlier this year Mark Zuckerberg announced that fixing the social network will be his personal challenge for this year. Since then, the social network has started implementing different features to help users connect more with family and friends. For instance, few days earlier, Facebook introduced changes to the news feed which means users will now see smaller number of posts from different brands in their news feed.

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