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Asus unveils Chromebox 3 alongside two New Mini PCs

If you are currently in the market to purchase a small but powerful computer, you will be glad to know that Asus has recently introduced three different computing products that will meet your needs.

During the company’s event at CES 2018, the company introduced Chromebox 3 which is good enough to meet your entertainment needs. Not only Chromebox 3 can play videos 4K UHD but also it can output them to displays via its DisplayPort and HDMI port. In addition to this, there’s USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C for fast data transfers, as well as dual-band WiFi for wireless connectivity.

Alongside Chromebox 3, Asus also introduced PN40 Mini PC which comes with 8th-generation Intel Premium Silver and Celeron processors. The mini PC comes with different ports for video output as well as USB-C for faster data transfer. With measuring just 114 x 114 x 49mm and weighing just 1.54 lbs, Asus revealed that the latest mini PC is ideal for business or home entertainment setups.

If you are interested in purchasing both of the above mentioned products but put off by the lack of features, then you can opt for the Asus PB40 Mini PC which comes with some additional features. the PB40 SFF features several USB 3.1 Type-C ports as well as I/O port with COM, VGA, HDMI, and DP. This mini PC includes an 8th generation Intel Premium Silver processor although you can choose a fanless version with Intel Celeron processor in case you want silent operation.

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