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Apple Signs New Deal with LG for FaceID Components

Although Apple included FaceID only in iPhone X, the tech giant is expected to include the security feature to all of the three iPhone models later this year as well as on the iPad Pro. And now, according to a new report in Korea, the company has recently signed a new deal with LG Innotek to provide some of the components required for FaceID.

As the last year’s sales figures had shown, Apple struggled in the early stages of iPhone X production despite the smartphone’s price tag. As a result, it seems that the company is moving forward to arrange steady streams of different components.

At the moment, one of the 2018 iPhone models is expected to include a version that will feature a 5.8-inch LCD screen. However, the phone is rumored to come with just one camera on back with no Force Touch technology. Apart from that, iPhone Xs will feature a 5.8 inch OLED display while the iPhone X will feature a 6.5 screen and dual SIM capabilities.

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