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Apple Shows off What Will Come with iOS 11.3

Earlier today, Apple announced iOS 11.3, the next major update for both iPhones and iPads. As the update will be the company’s mid*stream iOS update, it will feature a range of new features.

Apart from some minor changes to the Animoji feature, Apple will include the ability to check your device’s battery health in the upcoming update. With the upcoming update, you will be able to check your device’s performance as Apple has received widespread media attention over last couple of weeks after the company admitted to throttle older iPhone models to improve battery life. However, only users of iPhone 6 or later will be able to get the features.

As for messaging, Business Chat will be finally introduced to the Messages app. With the latest feature, users will be able to connect with business’ representatives as well as complete payments via Apple Pay Cash. Interestingly, Apple has revealed that it won’t share your information with businesses.

As for release, iOS 11.3 will be available as a developer preview later on today with public beta will be available at a later date.

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