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AMD Reveals New Ryzen Processor with Radeon Graphics

We have known for a while that Intel will release its processor with integrated AMD GPU this year. Understandably, AMD unveiled its first desktop PC chips with integrated Radeon graphics earlier this month to stay competitive in the market. And now, the company has provided more details of upcoming Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 5 2400G processors which will cost about $100 and $175 respectively.

Earlier, AMD revealed that both chips are 65 watt processor with 6MB of cache. In addition to providing support for DDR4-2933 memory, both chips will come with AMD Precision Boost technology and support for Radeon Vega graphics. While both of the upcoming processors are quad-core, only the Ryzen 5 will support hyperthreading which is one of the several features of the more powerful option.

According to AMD, upcoming chips will provide comparable performance with Intel’s 8th-gen Core i3 and Core i5 desktop processors for a lower price. As of now, both of the processors are set to become available for consumers later in mid-February.

Image: Flickr/Wavetrex Infinity

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