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Amazon Prime to Increase Its Monthly Subscription Price from March

Over last couple of years, streaming services have become extremely popular among viewers. While at start most of the streaming services didn’t provide any original shows, it has changed during the course of time as streaming services such as Netflix have larger budget to produce their original series. However, it also meant cost of operation for these services went higher and earlier last year, Netflix announced that US subscribers will need to pay extra to enjoy its services from this year. And now, Amazon has announced that monthly subscription price for Prime membership will increase starting from March 15th.

The latest announcement comes as Amazon had recently sent out an email to its Prime members to notify them about upcoming changes. When the latest changes take place, the previous monthly price of $10.99 will be replaced by $12.99 excluding taxes.

Interestingly, the annual price for Amazon Prime subscription will remain $99 which is a decent deal in case you are interested in a full year of membership. However, it seems that the company is increasing its monthly subscription price in order to discourage its users from signing up for the service for only a couple of months.

As for now, we will have to wait to see if Amazon’s latest decision to increase the monthly subscription price have any negative effect on its viewers. Considering both Netflix and Hulu are becoming more dominant with each year, Amazon will need to produce acclaimed shows to keep its viewers interested in the service.

Image: Flickr/Kārlis Dambrāns

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