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Alexa Voice Commands Are Coming to Android App

If you are a big fan of Amazon Alexa, then you will be glad to know that Alexa voice assistant is set to come to the Alexa app for Android smartphones in next couple of days. While the previous app provided users option to interact with different Echo devices, the upcoming update will give smartphone users ability to control some of the features in their phones.

At the moment however, the process of using Alexa assistant is little bit complicated as you will need to keep the app open on your Android device all the time. As a result it will lack the deep integration enjoyed by Google Assistant.

The latest move follows the Amazon’s decision to integrate the assistant in other smartphones such as Huawei Mate 9 or Motorola Moto X4 due to special partnership deals. But thanks to the latest update, users will be able to use the assistant with any Android device.

At the moment, the update is expected to roll out over next couple of weeks on both Amazon’s app store as well as Google Play. While the company noted the support for iOS will be coming soon, it didn’t mention any specific timeline at the moment.

Image: Flickr/Guillermo Fernandes

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