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After Apple, Samsung Is Now Investigated for Slowdown

Few weeks earlier, Apple became center of attention for wrong reason as the company admitted that it deliberately slows down older iPhones in order to provide longer battery life. Shortly afterwards, Apple introduced battery replacement program for older iPhone models as the company tried to calm people down. However, the $79 battery replacement program attracted more criticisms and earlier this year, the company reduced the cost of the battery replacement program. And now, the Italian Antitrust Authority has revealed that it will look into Samsung to see if the company is involved in similar practices.

Earlier on Thursday, the authority released a statement where it suggested that both Apple and Samsung indulge in same slowdown practice in order to sell more devices. It said, “They would have been proposed to customers software updates of their mobile phones without reporting the possible consequences of the same update. And without providing sufficient information to maintain an adequate level of performance of such devices, promoted and purchased for their specific and high technological characteristics.”

While we will have to wait to find out the results of the investigation, if guilty, it will mark an interesting turn of events for Samsung. Shortly after Apple’s admission, Samsung took a stab at Apple regarding the slowdown. At the time, it said, “We ensure extended battery life of Samsung mobile devices through multi-layer safety measures, which include software algorithms that govern the battery charging current and charging duration. We do not reduce CPU performance through software updates over the lifecycles of the phone.”

With the investigation currently ongoing, we are likely to hear back from the Antitrust Authority sometime soon.

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