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Xbox One YouTube Application Brings 4K and 60fps Support

Although Xbox Microsoft launched Xbox One with 4K support earlier last year, up until now an updated YouTube application that would give users ability to stream 4K videos over the platform was missing. However, Microsoft has finally introduced an update to give Xbox One owners ability to stream in Ultra HD resolution. In addition to support for 4K stream, the application also brings 60fps support for the application.

While the latest update should be welcome among consumers who were expecting the feature to arrive much earlier, the update does not contain support for HDR which might be a bummer if you were looking for the functionality. On the other hand, Google has confirmed that it will be taking away support for both Fire TV and Echo Show next month due to growing feud between Amazon and Google after Google complained about the poor user experience Amazon was presenting on Echo Show.

Whether or not Amazon will take any initiative to solve the issue remains to be seen but Fire TV users are currently get notification regarding the upcoming loss of access during initial launch of the application on the platform. However, Amazon revealed that they are working with Google to solve this issue and hopefully owners of both devices will have access to the platform.

Image: Flickr/Marco Verch

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