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Synaptics Announces Fingerprint Sensor Which Can Be Used in Displays

Prior to release of both Galaxy S9 and Apple’s iPhone 8, rumors surfaced that we might see fingerprint sensor embedded into the display of both companies’ flagship smartphone devices. However, the rumors never came to fruition as Samsung released Galaxy S8 smartphones with fingerprint sensor in the back and Apple launched iPhone X with Face ID. While it remains to be seen how popular the facial recognition technology becomes in the coming years, in-display fingerprint sensor might be a thing in coming years as Synaptics has revealed that the company has the technology to make the shift happen. Moreover, the company’s in-display fingerprint sensors are coming soon with a top 5 smartphone OEM.

According to latest reports, Synaptics Clear ID sensors work similarly to the existing sensors. However, after you tap the display, the sensor immediately recognizes your fingerprint. Unlike the traditional sensor, the latest in-display sensor does it from under the display glass and OLED panel. As bigger screens and slim bezels are becoming commonplace among flagship smartphones, this latest development can finally make it possible to embed fingerprint sensor in the display.

Interestingly, Synaptics also revealed that the in-display fingerprint sensor will come in near future with a top 5 smartphone manufacturer. While the company didn’t reveal the name, it mentioned the term “infinity display” which is a term associated with Samsung smartphones for a long time now. With Samsung expected to announce Galaxy S9 in a couple of months’ time, it will be interesting to see if Samsung goes with the in-display fingerprint sensor although recent rumors suggested that the company will keep the fingerprint sensor at the back of upcoming smartphone.

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