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Instagram Is Testing a New Standalone Messaging Application

Although at the moment Instagram allows users to send direct messages to others from the application, the company recently confirmed that it might introduce a Facebook Messenger like messaging application Direct to Instagram.

The latest news regarding Instagram’s direct messaging application comes via a report from The Verge where Instagram confirmed that the application is in testing period. Talking to The Verge, Instagram’s product manager Hemal Shah said, “We want Instagram to be a place for all of your moments, and private sharing with close friends is an important part of that. Direct has grown within Instagram over the past four years, but we can make it even better if it stands on its own. We can push the boundaries to create the fastest and most creative space for private sharing when Direct is a camera-first, standalone app.

At the moment, the application is similar to Snapchat as ‘Direct’ will be a standalone camera application that will launch directly with the camera application. As for functionality, it will contain all of Instagram’s in-app messaging features. If you are currently living in Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, or Uruguay, you will be able to use it since the app is available for both iOS and Android. However, there is no definite date of release of the application at the moment.

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