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Facebook to Promote Videos inside Your News Feed

Over last several years, Facebook has made video one of the most prominent part of the social network. Now, the company has stated that it will use its features to push video offerings to users to other popular services like YouTube. As a result, you might notice videos featuring more prominently inside of your news feed.

When the company starts pushing videos over the social networking giant, then Facebook will suggest users videos which the network thinks users might be interested in. In addition to watching random videos based on users’ current activities over the social network, users will also have the chance to see new episodes of a show in case they watched a previous episode. The company said, “Engaging one-off videos that bring friends and communities together have always done well in News Feed and will continue to do so.”

In the statement, the company also revealed that it will start testing pre-roll advertisements like YouTube where advertisements will be displayed before a video starts. Although Facebook introduced its Watch service earlier this year, it is yet to become highly popular among users. However, thanks to its high number of user base, the video feature might become popular in coming months and when it does so, the social networking giant will host push original content.

Image: Flickr/See-ming Lee

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