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BlackBerry World App Store to Shut Down in 2019

If you are still using BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry OS device, then you should note that the BlackBerry app store will be shutting down on December 31st, 2019. Ahead of the App store shutdown, the BlackBerry Travel site and Playbook video calling services will be shut down in February and March of next year respectively.

This latest news isn’t a surprise given that the company hasn’t produced any device running BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry OS device for over two years now.

While it’s unclear how many consumers are still using devices running either of the operating systems, BlackBerry has announced that the company is working with partners to offer a trade-up program that will give BB10 or BBOS device owners discount if they decide to upgrade their devices to BlackBerry Motion or KeyOne.

The company wrote, “Customers who upgrade to a new KeyOne or Motion won’t miss a beat as they’ll have immediate access to the rich universe of apps in the Google Play store without compromising on either security or their desire for a physical keyboard.”

However, the company didn’t reveal further information about the trade-up program but promised to reveal more information in the coming months.

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