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YouTube’s Latest Update Fixes iPhone’s Battery Drain Issue

Since the release of iOS 11, a large number of users have complained that streaming videos over YouTube was causing excessive battery drains. Apart from battery draining issues, some users have complained that running the app was causing heating problem. Earlier today, Google announced that they have found the main reason behind the heating problem and fixed the issue in the latest update of the YouTube app.

According to the latest announcement made by the company, it has fixed the issue with the update that was released more than two weeks earlier although the official note on what’s new has been included in 12.45.

This should come as a relief for users who were experiencing the problem. In case you didn’t know, the issue isn’t new as both 12.42 and 12.43 versions of the application were found to have the battery draining issue. The problem became critical following the release of iOS 11.

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