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You Might Get Core i9 Chips in Laptops in Coming Days

Although some major companies have released laptops powered by 8th generation Intel processors, consumers can only get 15 watt quad-core chips which are based on Intel’s Kaby Lake Refresh design. If recent reports are to be believed, then you might get more powerful i9 processor with laptop.

While Intel is yet to launch new chips, further details have showed over internet thanks to a third-party diagnostic tool AIDA64 which are compatible with a number of unannounced chips. Following the recent discovery, VideoCardz and AnandTech has reported that the chips are pretty closely associated with Intel’s latest 8th generation processors which are based on Coffee Lake Architecture. If those reports are accurate, then the upcoming mobile processors will look like this.

Core i3-8300H: 4-core/4-thread with 8MB cache

Core i5-8400H: 6-core/6-thread with 9MB cache

Core i7-8750H: 6-core/12-thread with 12MB cache

Core i7-8850H: 6-core/12-thread with 12MB cache (and higher speeds?)

Core i9-8950H: 6-core/12-thread with 12MB cache (and higher speeds, plus overclocking support)

In addition to this, The AIDA64 leak revealed names of upcoming 9th generation desktop chips. Apart from that however, there is no details. For instance, it’s unclear how many cores or threads will Core i3-9100, Core i5-9400, and Core i5-9600K chips will contain.

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