You Can Stream Live to Facebook Directly Using Essential 360 Camera

If you live stream on Facebook on a regular basis and are currently in market in search of a camera that would allow direct stream from the camera app itself, then you will be glad to known that The Essential Phone is now capable of streaming 360-degree video to Facebook live.

The latest feature on the smartphone comes thanks to a recent update for the camera for the handset. However, in order to use the latest feature, you will need to own both Essential Phone as well as the Essential 360 Camera module. If you are interested in purchasing a new handset, then you can take a look at the phone as it has gone through two different price cuts as sales haven’t lived up to the company’s expectations.

Thanks to the latest software update, the camera doesn’t require any additional configuration or software. If you connect the Essential 360 Camera is attached to the handset’s magnetic accessory port at the back, it instantly gives you option to live stream on Facebook. When you attach the camera, it will automatically bring up the camera application and you will be able to find the 360-degree Live option in the 360 mode pretty easily. If you tap on the live button, you will be prompted to log into Facebook and then grant permission to post on your account. Afterwards, you can live stream from the device.

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