You Can Now Have Display Names with Up to 50 Characters on Twitter

Recently, Twitter is introducing a lot of new features to the platform in order to attract more users while making it easier for existing users to express themselves. Most recently, the company introduced 280-character limits after satisfying results from beta testing period. And now, the company has announced that it will allow users to have display names with up to 50 characters.

The company revealed via is support account, “Starting today, your Twitter display name can be up to 50 characters in length! Go ahead, add that middle name or even a few more emojis.”


Prior to the changes, few months earlier, Twitter also revealed that it will no longer count usernames as part of its character limit. While the recent changes didn’t provide expected results as most of the tweets didn’t exceed the character limits, the changes gave users more opportunities to express themselves complete.

The changes related to username is available to everyone at the moment and you can head to settings to change your display name. If you need more help to figure out how to do so, you can head to Twitter’s support page in here.


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