Volkswagen And Google to Work Together On Quantum Computers

Although we have made significant progress in computers and related technologies in recent years, researchers for a long period of time said that quantum computing is the future of the computers. Although there have been pretty solid progress in the field, we are still years away from the viable results. Interestingly, in an attempt to revolutionize the field of quantum computing, tow of the biggest names in the tech world, Google and Volkswagen have come together to work on quantum computers. At the moment, specialists from Volkswagen are working on solutions for individual road users as well as electric vehicle owners to come with a better urban planning.

As large scale data processing is still an issue with the current technology, quantum computers can make this process significantly easier. As a result, both of the companies are currently working together as Volkswagen has pointed out that both companies are working on application oriented research. According to Volkswagen, the researchers are working to further develop three areas on the Google quantum computer.

The company released an official statement that revealed how the collaboration will work. It reads, “Volkswagen Group IT wants to test the potential of this quantum computer in several areas. So the specialists work on the further development of traffic optimization. They build on their successful research project and want to integrate in addition to the travel time reduction further variable sizes. These include urban traffic control systems, available e-charging stations or free parking areas.”

“In another project, the specialists want to use an algorithm to simulate and optimize the material structure of high-performance e-vehicle batteries and other materials. The Volkswagen Group Research and Development expects to gain new insights into vehicle construction and battery research.”

“In addition, the Volkswagen specialists want to use the potential of the Google quantum computer to work with new methods of machine learning on artificial intelligence (AI). Advanced AI systems are a prerequisite for autonomous driving.”

“The Volkswagen Group is the world’s first automobile company to focus on quantum computing technology. Only in March 2017, Volkswagen announced its first successful research project on a quantum computer: a traffic optimization for 10,000 taxis in the Chinese capital Beijing.”

As future of quantum computing is certainly interesting, we will have to wait and see to find out how much this recent collaboration will benefit everyone in the coming years.

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