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Twitter Has Revoked Verified Status from Several Accounts

Similar to other social networking platform, Twitter for a long time used its verification badge to recognize brands, celebrities as well as other influential figures. However, the company’s verification process contained some major flaws as few days earlier, the company attracted criticisms after it accidentally put the badge to one of the white supremacists’ account. Afterwards, Twitter temporarily suspended its verification system. And now, the microblogging platform has started to revoke the verifications status of the accounts that violates the company’s guidelines.

The latest news comes via a series of tweets from the company. The company announced, “We are conducting an initial review of verified accounts and will remove verification from accounts whose behavior does not fall within these new guidelines. We will continue to review and take action as we work towards a new program we are proud of.”

At the time of pausing the verification method, Twitter revealed that the platform’s verification status has some misunderstanding surrounding the matter. While the company launched the method in order to identify influential figures, users associated the verification status as Twitter’s way of ‘endorsing’ people. As a result, the company suspended the system temporarily. According to reports, Twitter is currently working on bringing another verification method to make the procedure more transparent. However, it’s unknown when the feature will be rolled out to users.

Image: Flickr/Kevin Krejci

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