Samsung Is Reportedly Working on a Compact Phone

According to latest rumors out in China, Samsung is working on a compact smartphone. However, at the time,t there is no confirmation regarding the rumor.

The latest rumor comes thanks to a tip from Ice Universe, which revealed on Weibo to announce some details about the smartphone. According to the rumor, the upcoming smartphone is set to feature a small full screen opposed to the bigger screen consumers are accustomed to.

If you have followed news and rumors related to smartphones last year, then you wouldn’t be surprised with the latest rumor as well. For instance, following the release of Samsung Galaxy S8, rumors surfaced on internet that Samsung was reportedly working on a compact version dubbed Galaxy S8 Mini which would feature a 5.3 inch screen. However, the company didn’t ahead with the plan and we never got to see the device.

As of now, Samsung is expected to launch Galaxy S9 earlier next year and it’s unclear if we will see any other variants of the smartphone when it comes to the screen size. The last time Samsung went with a mini version of its flagship device was back in 2014 when the company launched Galaxy S5 Mini that featured smaller screen and reduced number of features.

As for the rumored device, we will have to wait and see to find out if Samsung goes ahead to release a compact version of the smartphone. As we near the announcements regarding upcoming Galaxy S9, more details of the company’s plan is likely to come forward in the upcoming weeks.

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