Reports Reveal that Sony Is Spending Millions to Replace Kevin Spacey

Reports regarding sexual misconducts have become a common feature in news and media outlets over last month. However, when reports involving Kevin Spacey came forward, everyone was shocked by the reports. Following the reports, Sony decided to remove the actor from the studio’s upcoming All the Money in the World earlier this week and announced Christopher Plummer as his replacement for the upcoming movie. As the movie is still set for December 22 release date, everyone was wondering if the studio will be able to reshoot all of the scenes prior to the release of the movie. And now, new reports have surfaced that although the movie will be released on time, it will cost the studio millions of dollars to keep everything scheduled.

According to a latest report by Variety, several marketers have estimated the cost of putting together new trailers, poster and other related cost for the movie and the decision to remove the actor will cost the studio millions of dollars. The report also pointed out that although there have been internal discussions regarding releasing the movie at a later date, the studio wanted to release the movie in time to keep FX television series Trust on time.

Other reports have pointed out that Kevin Spacey has worked with the director between eight to ten days and it should take the same amount of time for the reshoots. All of the artists have decided to take part in the reshoot which will cost the studio little bit more. And reports suggested that the cost of reproduction will run close to $10 million. At the time, sources have revealed that the reshoots will take place in the coming weeks before December 15th when the movie will be locked prior to its release date one week later from that time.

While removing a casting member entirely from an upcoming movie was unprecedented, it is likely to start a new movement among directors who will treat stars in similar manner following any allegations regarding sexual misconducts. However, it is too early to predict such movements and we will have to wait until the movie arrives to see if the movie suffers from hasty late reshoots.

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