PlayStation Mobile App Gets Major Design Changes

Although smartphones have become parts of our everyday lives, biggest video game publishers are yet to adopt the platform to release their games. At the moment, Nintendo is the only leading companies that is releasing games on a regular basis. However, like most of the big name publishers, Sony is content with giving users ability to connect their smartphones to the consoles. However, it seems that the company is planning on attracting more users to its platforms as the PlayStation mobile app has gone through some major redesigns.

In order to make the application more user friendly, Sony has decided to move different tabs of the application to the bottom of the application to make them always visible to see users’ online friends from one place. In addition to that, the app will now allow you to view events, Trophies and PS store directly from a menu placed at the middle of the tab bar.

Interestingly, due to the changes, one feature will no longer be available through the application. According to a latest notification from Sony, the Live for PlayStation will no longer be available in the mobile application which means that the only way to watch live game is viewing them from the dashboard itself.

In addition to this, the Second Screen feature is also missing from the latest update. If you are interested, the feature has been moved to its own separate application meaning you will be able to switch between using your phone for group chat and using it as a keyboard or second display for your PS4 game.

Image: Flickr/Leon Terra

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