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House of Cards Production Will be Delayed by Two more Weeks

After a number of allegation regarding sexual assault against Kevin Spacey emerged few weeks earlier, Netflix took a hit as the studio halted production of the drama series for unforeseeable future. While producers and writers are currently trying to coming up ways to finish the series’ sixth and final season, Netflix recently revealed that the production hiatus will last two more weeks.

The latest news came directly from the Media Rights Capital senior vice president Pauline Micelli to explain the whole situation. In the letter, he informed that all of the cast and crew members will be paid despite the delay. Micelli ended the letter by thanking everyone for their patience regarding the matter.

Before the allegations regarding sexual misconducts emerged, Netflix had a plan to wrap production for the upcoming season in May 2018. However, following the latest controversy, it’s unclear if the company will be forced to push the production back after latest controversy. At the moment, it’s unclear how much change the script will go through.

As the production of the hit series begins shortly, more details regarding the series is likely to come forward. Recent weeks have seen allegations regarding sexual misconduct against a number of high profile figures including Arrow-verse’s Andrew Kreisberg, Jeffrey Tambor, and comedian Louis C.K.

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