Google Has a File Manager App to Keep Your Phone Organized


Gone are the days when phones shipped with limited amount of memories that forced users to keep the memory usage under control to avoid running out of space. However, thanks to larger capacity, users often copy files without worrying too much. Moreover, as a regular Android user, you might have struggled in past to find a file from your phone when you needed it the most. As a result, chances are you are looking for an application to manage files of your smartphone. According to latest reports, Google might have something official in the works as an app has been spotted in the Google Play Store called ‘Files Go’ which seems to be a file manager application for Android.

Although the application has been taken down since first spotted, it was marked as unreleased and was part of an early access program. As the spots for the beta testers are filled, Google has decided to take down the application before official release.

Thanks to the images that appeared on Internet, it seems that the application is pretty basic and straightforward to use. Similar to other popular files manager applications, the Files Go let users to see different files. What more, the application allows users to clear app cache to free up storage space. Looking at the features, it seems that the application was developed to support the emerging smartphone markets where users often opt for budget smartphones with limited storage option. While at the moment it’s unclear if the application will make its way to Play Store in future, more news regarding the app is expected in the coming weeks.

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