French Startup Launches $290,000 Driverless Taxi

Electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles are slowly becoming commonplace as major car manufacturers are working towards bringing more electric vehicles in the coming years. Apart from major companies, several startups are trying to bring autonomous vehicles. One of these companies, Navya Technologies, introduced a 15-seat driverless car earlier this year to compete with major players like General Motors and Alphabet. As the company has become pretty successful in the first go, it is introducing another autonomous taxi which will be part of the company’s lineup of autonomous vehicles.

The company showcased its latest taxi earlier on Tuesday in Paris and according to the company, it will retail for about $290,000. As the company has extended its strategy to design both vehicles and their software, it has so far been managed to introduce vehicles faster than the rival companies which rely on others to bring their full product. For instance. The company’s two of the biggest competitors, GM and Alphabet have different strategy regarding autonomous vehicles. For instance, GM’s Cruise Automation unit tests the company’s autonomous vehicles. On the other hand, Waymo, part of Alphabet is planning on purchasing vehicles from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and implementing its technology into autos manufactured by others.

According to reports, the company’s upcoming taxis will be tested out in the streets of Paris in a few weeks of time although the cars won’t be available for purchase up until third quarter of 2018. At the moment, companies are Uber, Hertz are considered to be the main target group for the vehicles as investments on these autonomous vehicles can prove to be pretty lucrative for car rental services.

Image: Flickr/TechAcute

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