Facebook Messenger Plugin Now Lets Businesses Integrate the Chat on Their Websites

Over last several months, Facebook has introduced several new features to add more functionalities to the social network. Apart from users, it’s hard to imagine a business without a Facebook page as they use the platform to attract more customers by announcing new products, services. In order to give businesses more opportunity to interact with their customers, Facebook has given businesses ability to integrate the chat to their business websites where users can reach out businesses directly.

The recent changes come thanks to a latest update of Facebook where businesses can install the plug-in on their website and integrate the Facebook Messenger which means users won’t be required to open Facebook to chat with businesses. Moreover, the conversations can be continued across different platforms which means you will always be connected with the company’s representatives.

However, at the moment, the feature is in closed beta testing meaning not all of the businesses can participate on the platform just yet. If you are interested in participating the in the beta testing itself, then you can register on a waiting list by going here.

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