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Facebook Introduces another Cloned Snapchat Feature

Over last few years, Facebook has introduced several Snapchat like features to its services. For instance, Facebook added the story feature to all of its properties this year. While the move didn’t become insanely popular among users, the social network continued to promote the feature to keep users to the platform. And now, the company has introduced another Snapchat feature, streak to encourage users to connect with their friends on a daily basis.

Recent reports have pointed out that Facebook messenger has started to test out the feature on a selected number of users. Similar to Snapchat’s feature, streak on Facebook will include an emoji status for anyone the user is currently in a streak with. As the feature is available for a small number of users, it’s unclear if the social networking giant will introduce streak to its user base in the coming days.

Since its introduction, Snapchat’s streak feature has become one of the most popular features of the app due to its emphasis on connecting with users on a regular basis. While it isn’t known if Facebook will introduce it to everyone in the coming days, you can be sure that if the company decides to do so with messenger, users of both WhatsApp and Instagram will get the feature shortly after the release.

Image: Flickr/Blogtrepreneur

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