Apple Has Contacted FBI Regarding Texas Shooter’s Phone

After the horrific incident last weekend, FBI revealed that it was unable to access the shooter’s iPhone that might contain sensitive details leading up to the incident. While FBI didn’t reveal any details of the phone, it’s widely believed that it was iPhone and the speculations brought back memories of FBI’s last failed attempt to convince Apple to unlock the phone. However, this time, Apple has revealed that the company has contacted the agency to offer help in accessing the phone.

Following FBI’s press conference, Apple released an official statement revealing that it had contacted FBI with offer to help. The company’s statement said, “We were shocked and saddened by the violence in Texas last Sunday, and we join the world in grieving for the families and community that lost so many loved ones.”

“Our team immediately reached out to the FBI after learning from their press conference on Tuesday that investigator were trying to gain access to a mobile phone. We offered assistance and said we would expedite our response to any legal process they send us.”

“We work with law enforcement every day. We offer training to thousands of agents so they understand our devices and how they can quickly request information from Apple.”

While we will have to wait to find out if FBI can recover data of the smartphone, it’s certainly surprising that Apple is moving away from its previous stance against the matter. However, with several horrific incidents over last several months, it’s certainly isn’t surprising that tech companies are offering their helps to law enforcing agencies.

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