Android 8.1 Will Reduce File Sizes for Inactive Apps

Although Android smartphones come with option to expand the memory in case a user runs of space, sometimes, users need more space for their media files. While media files such as images, videos can be moved to expandable storage, applications still use the phone’s memory to store their respective data. As a result, lower end smartphones can run out of space pretty fast if you are one of the users who use a lot of different applications on a regular basis. Interestingly, latest reports have suggested that Google is working to bring some changes to the operating system where inactive applications will reduce their files’ size to free up some space on your smartphone.

The latest news of the feature comes via a report from XDA who discovered that Google has made some changes to Android 8.1 where applications will see their files compressed to free up storage space. For instance, if an application doesn’t run through dexopt and stay in the phone’s cache, it will be marked as inactive and use the new feature to save the app’s file in the phone’s memory.

While the upcoming feature will not save up huge amount of space, it will help budget users who use smartphone with lower amount of memory. However, the biggest question isn’t if the feature will be particularly helpful for consumers. For instance, smartphone manufacturers have been pretty slow in releasing Android update to their consumers in the past. As of now, a large number of smartphones are yet to get the latest version of Android although it’s been months since Android Oreo was released. With that in mind, we will have to wait to find out when customers around the world get the latest feature of Android.

Image: Flickr/portal gda

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