Andrew Kreisberg Is Suspended from the Flash Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

It’s been tough few weeks in Hollywood as more allegations involving sexual harassments have come forward. Although for first few days the allegations were mainly against big screen personnel, recent weeks have seen several high profile actors in media personnel in small screen accused of sexual harassment. And now, The Flash showrunner Andrew Kreisberg is also facing similar allegations as the studio has suspended the creator from taking part in future productions.

The latest report of suspension comes via Deadline which reported that WBTV is currently doing an investigation against the showrunner. While the allegations are yet to be proved, the suspension comes as a major surprise for fans nevertheless. All of the four shows in Arrowverse is currently the main attraction of CW.

Although he created all of the shows, he is the sole showrunner of The Flash and given his influence in other shows, it’s unclear how the network will continue to produce rest of the season of The Flash. After disappointing third season, Flash will need to provide some better in the current season and it will be interesting to see how the latest suspension plays out in the coming weeks.

This latest allegation against Kreisberg comes as some of the most powerful actor and director in Hollywood is currently facing number of allegations related to sexual harassments. Most recently, FX parted ways with Louis C.K. following his admission that the allegations made against him were true.

However, we will have to wait to find out how the latest suspension affects the future of the shows but given that the show is already several episodes into new season, chances are we will continue to get new episodes in the coming weeks.

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