YouTube Is Testing New Activity Tab for Its Android App

YouTube in recent months have gone through significant design changes. Few months earlier, the app’s UI went through major overhaul and it seems that the app will go through even more redesign as recently reports revealed that the company is currently testing a new ‘Activity Tab’ in its Android App.

While not as prominent as the recent design changes, the bottom row of the Android App now contains a tab called Activity Tab. If you are currently seeing the tab, clicking on it will take you to a section which is separated between shared and notifications. Before the changes, users would need to go to Library to view their notifications. However, the changes mean that YouTube is working on bringing the notification tab directly in the front to improve user experience.

If you are iOS user however, this latest feature won’t be particularly surprising since YouTube brought the feature to iOS users before and it seems that the company is finally bringing the tab to Android users. The screenshot of the application was first shared in Android Police by Manish Yadav who pointed out that not everyone is currently seeing the tab. If you are one of the many users who don’t have the feature available, you might need to wait few more weeks before getting the latest update in case Google releases it shortly.

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